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OCLB Consortium for Nursing

The requirements for this project were the following: members directory, member calendar, allow members to update their profile, pay membership fees, access schools and facilities contacts, allow facility members to update their clinical and health requirements for students, and enable document uploads for students to share with their chosen facilities. The platform I chose to build the website on that met these requirements was Wix.

The Consortium website needed a rebranding and current look, as you can see from the previous website.

OCLB Nursing Consortium prior website

Once the discovery meeting is complete, I always start the design process with the logo and colors then move onto the font face and the imagery. For the logo, I took the basic idea from the old logo of the sun and the ocean and modernized it.

Prior OCLB Consortium logo
New OCLB Nursing Consortium logo

I used bold shapes and lettering and incorporated the wave pattern into the letters which further simplified the logo and increased the legibility when the logo is used in smaller sizes.

small logo

The colors used stayed similar to the previous colors and I incorporated the iconic palm tree since that is a common visual for both regions of Orange County and Long Beach. Additionally, I used various icons on the website to help identify and differentiate blocks of content.

OCLB Nursing Consortium icons

Icons are visible on these sections of the website.

OCLB Nursing Consortium Member Benefits Section
OCLB Nursing Consortium About page

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